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Air Compression Foot & Calf Massager

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Maximize Your Foot & Calf Massage Experience

RENPHO leg massager is equipped with built-in airbags that repeatedly inflate and deflate for a comfortable squeezing and kneading massage. Effectively helps to improve circulation, ease fatigue in your foot & calf muscles, relieve RLS and enhance the recovery of varicose veins. Super quiet feacture allows you to get a relaxing massage whenever and wherever you want without disturding others.

5 Modes & 4 Intensity Levels & 3 Timers

Use the attached handheld controller to switch between 5 massage modes that allow you to simultaneously massage your entire leg or massage calves and feet individually. Choose from 4 intensity levels for a gentle or powerful massage on your feet and legs. Enjoy greater peace of mind with 3 built-in timers (15/20/25min) that will automatically stop once the session is complete for safer use.

One Size Fits Al

l: Our leg compression massager features Velcro straps to fit any leg size. Includes adjustable calf wraps up to 24.8inch to massage your arms, calves or thighs for relieving fatigue and improving circulation at the end of a long day.

Handheld Controller & Portable Design

The calf and foot massager completes with a handheld controller for easy control of the leg massager to get a personalized massage experience. Comes with a storage bag for easy storage and portability, which makes it perfect for using at home, in the office or when traveling.

The Perfect Gift

RENPHO’s Leg Massager for Circulation is the perfect gift for everyone to relax leg muscles. Share the daily benefits of having a leg massage at home.

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