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Handheld Back Massager

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The ideal solution to relax your back, arms, legs, and more with the Cordless Handheld Massager. Upgraded with ABS plastic for a deep tissue massage to target sore muscles with a shiatsu massage.

Target hard-to-reach spots on your body due to its design

Useable anywhere and anytime due to its built-in rechargeable battery

Charging dock and cordless design for convenience

5 interchangeable nodes for a full-body massage.

High-frequency fast vibration offers you a deep tissue massage.

Customize your kneading massage to fit your needs

Percussive Body Massager
At 3600 RPM and elongated design, you can easily reach spots on your body and relieve yourself of muscle tension.

Full-Body Massage
Relax and relieve pain on feet, calf, shoulders, neck, back, arms, and legs.

Personalized User Experience
With its adjustable speed level feature and multiple massage heads, you are free to customize the device according to your preferences.

Wireless Massage
Give yourself a massage anywhere and anytime without worrying about finding an electric socket. Moreover, you can enjoy the device as its battery lasts up to 140 minutes.

Auto-Off Timer
Han-dheld massager turns off automatically after 20 minutes, preserving battery life.

Added Light
Added infrared light to improve the effect of the massage.

2600mAh battery capacity

Speed: 5 built-in speeds (3600 percussions per minute)

Battery life: 140 minutes total

Head attachments: 5 (3-stick head, 3-point head, round head, curved head, 1-point head)

Size: 16 in x 3 in x 5 in

Weight: 3.3lb


Cordless Handheld Massager
5 Massage Head
AC Charger
Massage Stand

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