U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager Neck and Back Massager Renpho (A)

U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager

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A woman sitting on the floor leans against a sofa with a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager featuring deep kneading massage nodes wrapped around her shoulders. The product emits a comforting warmth depicted by a glowing red design.
A woman sitting cross-legged on a couch, eyes closed, using a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager designed for the shoulder and neck. There is a graphic showing the product’s cushioning feature with the text "buffer".
A man sits at a desk using a computer, wearing a Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager over his chair. The environment is calm with soft lighting and minimalistic decor. The massager, featuring
This image demonstrates the Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager, a versatile portable massager used on different body parts. It shows four scenarios: the massager on a person's back, thigh, calf, and shoulder, with labels for each location.
A black Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager with control buttons rests on a white sofa, emphasizing its ergonomic design and comfort. Icons indicate its features: power on/off, direction switch, and variable speed settings.
A woman relaxes on a white sofa, using a gray Renpho U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager. She wears a white v-neck sweater and blue jeans, eyes closed, with a serene expression. Text advises not to lean
An infographic displaying a Renpho U-Neck 2 neck & shoulder massager with deep kneading massage nodes. Features include size dimensions, close-up of controls, power cable, and an image of the product in its.
U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager Neck and Back Massager Renpho
The portable massager combined with shiatsu, kneading and rolling functions to help you eliminate fatigue, stress and relieve muscle pain. With 8 deep kneading massage nodes and an adjustable neck pillow for the ultimate experience.

  • Provides a relaxing massage experience regardless of your height
  • Covers your entire neck and back including the lowest parts of your waist
  • Fits on most chairs for convenience
  • Offers gentle warmth for a better overall massage experience

Full Back and Neck Massage
With its 8 deep kneading massage nodes, the device is capable of giving you a relaxing massage experience from your neck to the lowest part of your waist.

Ergonomic Design
With its ergonomic design, the device fits your shoulder better, giving you a more comfortable massage experience to relieve your tired muscles.

Optional Heat Function
With its heat function, feel free to add a gentle warmth in your massage sessions.


  • Max Temperature: 122°F
  • Knead Intensities: 3
  • Temperate mode: 1
  • Timing mode: 15 mins
  • Massage Heads: 8


  • Size:  18.89 in x 6.7 in x 7.87 in
  • Weight:  2.8kg

U-Neck 2 Neck & Shoulders Massager

Please consult your doctor before using if you are a user of the following persons:

  • Pregnant or lying-in women
  • Children
  • Elderly (over 65 years old)
  • Persons using a pacemaker or other implantable medical device
  • Persons with heart disease, malignant tumors, or other serious health conditions
  • Persons receiving medical treatment or feel discomfort during massages
  • Persons suffering from diabetes, or thrombosis, varicose veins
  • Persons with high or abnormal blood pressure
  • Persons with skin infections, sensitivity, redness, wound, and/or burns on the skin

If you feel unwell or have any unusual discomfort, please stop using the massager immediately.