R3 Massage Gun

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R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho
R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho
A man is promoting post-workout recovery with a Renpho R3 Active Massage Gun.
Renpho R3 Active Massage Gun for recovery and wellness.
Four different types of Renpho R3 Active Massage Guns are shown.
R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho
R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho
R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho
R3 Active Massage Gun Massager Gun Renpho

Top-rated for muscle relief on the go, the R3 Active Massage Gun offers the most popular features of a massage gun for everyday users. It’s never been easier to charge on the go with the flexibility of USB charging. The ultra-quiet devices are great to use at the office, gym, or home.

Provides relief from your intense post-workout muscle aches on the go

Quieter than average massage technology to use anywhere, anytime

Longer battery life for continuous use

Comes with 5 built-in speeds to target tender areas

Speeds up your recovery after your workout routine

Designed with adjustable settings for your ultimate comfort

Powerful Deep-Tissue Massage

Delivering a maximum stall force of up to 50lb, the Power Massage Gun aids in easing muscle pain and tightness. Enjoy its power without the distracting noise thanks to its high-torque brushless motor.

Targeted Muscle Pain Relief

The Power Massage Gun has 5 interchangeable head attachments that target different muscle groups. To further personalize your experience, adjust the intensity of the massage (with a speed range of 1800-3200 percussions per minute) based on your comfort levels.

Long Battery Life

The muscle massage device runs on a premium 2500mah rechargeable battery, allowing you to experience its power for a long time.

Lightweight & Portable Case

Carry your Power Massage Gun when you travel to enjoy a relaxing massage anywhere, anytime. This massage gun has a lightweight case for your device and its accessories.

2500mAh battery capacity

Speed: 5 built-in speeds (2000-3200 percussions per minute)

Battery life: 2.5 hours total

Amplitude: 10mm

Head attachments: 5 (bullet head, flat head, air cushion, ball head & u head)

Noise: <=40dB

Size: 7.3 in x 5.8 in x 2.3 in

Weight: 1.5lbs

Brushless high-torque 16.8V motor

R3 Active Massage Gun
5 Massage Head
Storage Case
AC Adapter
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