How the RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale Helps Keto Dieters Lose Weight

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How the RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale Helps Keto Dieters Lose Weight

Best Scale for Keto Diet - Smart Body Fat Scale

The topic of body weight management is complicated by the many things it can mean for many people.

For some, it is a matter of putting on weight—or more specifically—gaining muscle to build a healthier physical frame. For others, it can mean reducing body fat to improve heart health and lead an overall healthier lifestyle.

We reached out to certified ketogenic nutrition specialist Dr. Stephen Riggs of MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center to explore the latter in further detail with regards to the keto diet and the core benefits it offers RENPHO users looking to achieve their body fat goals effectively.

Keto in a Nutshell

The average American diet is made up of 50-60% processed food some people consume as much as 80% which is among the highest in the world.

Unfortunately, much of the fiber and protein is removed then replaced with simple carbohydrates along with chemicals and other additives to prolong its shelf life.

Keto works by cutting these types of foods from your daily diet in place of healthier non-processed foods that are high in fat content instead!

While it may seem counterintuitive to reduce fat by consuming more of it, the macronutrient shift from a carb-heavy diet to a fat-heavy diet triggers ketosis, which means your body converts its fat into energy due to carb deficiency—your body is essentially forced to convert its backup resource, fat, into energy.

We’ll explore the fundamentals of keto later in an upcoming article.

How the RENPHO Scale Works for Keto Dieters

At MercyOne Waterloo Medical Center, Dr. Riggs works with clients on their weight loss goals by using the keto diet.

On average, his patients see a 10–15 pounds of weight loss in the first month before steadying off at 1-2 pounds a week. If keto is maintained, that’s about 50-100 pounds of weight loss per year!

Dr. Riggs says one of the keys to success is how the RENPHO scale goes further than simply assessing one’s weight, which is something that even diet culture and media is still fixated on.

The Scale Weighs More Than Fat

Dr. Riggs explains that sometimes his patients will be disappointed to see that their body weight on a normal scale remains the same.

But when they look deeper and see how the RENPHO scale reveals how much fat mass and visceral fat has decreased and muscle has increased, it can be incredibly motivating since muscle weighs more than fat.

Yet with an ordinary scale that just tracked body weight, you would miss that tiny detail!

Best Body Metrics to Track for your Keto Scale

Of the 13 body composition indexes available in the RENPHO Body Fat Scale, Dr. Riggs says those on keto diet pay closest attention to weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass and visceral fat. “Over time, it’s really important to track all of the biometrics RENPHO offers,” Dr. Riggs adds, “keeping the scale and tracking this daily or at least weekly is key. Studies show that people who track their weight and biometrics daily lose weight faster and keep it off as they can see results quickly and can make corrections easier.”

Honest Measure of Performance

Dr. Riggs also commented on the RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale’s role in offering an objective measure of compliance that helps inform dieters they are on the right track or to make corrections if they start to deviate from their goals.

This has resulted in the treatment of over 600 patients with an average 75% type 2 diabetes reversal rate using the ketogenic diet. “The freedom and reduction in medication in many of those patients has been very gratifying and has led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings,” says Dr. Riggs.

Is Keto Right for You?

There are many ways to achieve your health goals and the keto diet is just one of them. It’s your choice if you wish to try keto.

But if you do choose to do so, products such as the RENPHO Smart Body Fat Scale are available to ease the dietary transition and keep you on the right track. This makes it the best scale for keto dieting!

Please note that adhering to a strict nutrient restrictive diet may not be ideal for some people. Above all else, we advise consulting with a doctor or nutritionist before attempting the keto diet yourself.

About Stephen Riggs MD

Dr. Riggs is a physician living in Waterloo, Iowa where he specializes in metabolic health. He is board certified in ‘Internal Medicine and Pediatrics’ and also as a ‘Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist’.

A practitioner of medicine for 38 years, Dr. Riggs is devoted to helping patients discover the power of nutrition through weight management, diabetes reversal and treatment of metabolic syndrome.

In his free time, he and his wife Janice spend time with their family which include 12 grandchildren. They also enjoy hiking, biking and scuba diving in various countries around the world.