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Flannel Back Heat Pad

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Extra-large Size for Back

The extra-large 24" x 33" heating pad offers full and snug coverage. Primarily designed for the shoulders and neck, the heating pad can also be flexibly applied to the back, waist, abdomen, legs, and more. The heat generated by this heating pad can soothing the fatigue pain.


Smart Heating & Timer Settings

The LED controller of the electric heating pad has 3 heating settings. 90 minutes automatic shut-off function ensures safety and energy saving. The extra long power cord allows you to move extra movement while using the heat pad.


Portable & Stable

This heating wrap stays in place around back, neck, and shoulder areas using snap fasteners, weighted edges, and 2 straps. The stability of the heat pad wrap allows you to move freely.


Super Soft & Easy to Clean

Made from super soft flannel that allows this heat pad wrap to spread heat more evenly. The controller detaches so you can machine-wash the fabric, keeping the heating pad hygienic.


Measure your body with the Smart Tape Measure to get an accurate reading of your body circumference.

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