Tips to Use a Massage Gun: Dos and Don'ts

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Tips to Use a Massage Gun: Dos and Don'ts
By Joash Guevarra

Have you wondered how to use a massage gun efficiently? We all know that various percussion massagers have various advantages such as reducing muscle tension, improving mobility and alleviating pain, but safety must still be a top priority when using it.

Learn more about the dos and don'ts of using a massage gun for the most effective muscle recovery. 

The Purpose of a Massage Gun

A massage gun helps in relieving your body and improves your overall blood circulation. Generally, most products will have massage gun attachments and vibration speed levels to accommodate the different preferences of users.

For example, the RENPHO R3 Active Massage Gun has 5 different speed levels and 5 massage head attachments that are effective in dealing with muscle tension or discomfort. Whether you’re feeling stiff in your shoulders, arms or back, there is a massage gun attachment that could help provide relief!

Dos & Don'ts of Using a Massage Gun

You might wonder if a massage gun could do more than massage a specific area in your body. So, it is essential to know what you can and cannot do with a massage gun before letting your curiosity get the best of you.

Here are some things you need to know about using a massage gun:

Do: take time to read the massage gun’s manual

You might be one of those people who’re so excited about a new device that you forgot about reading the manual. In time, you usually encounter problems you could have avoided if you did not skip its important factors.

User manuals are made for a reason: they are to provide tutorials, troubleshooting tips and warnings when using a product. You’ll never know–there might be some features to help you maximize the product’s purpose that you didn’t know about!

Make sure to go over the manual of your massage gun, so you can be aware on how to have a better experience with it. Otherwise, you won’t know what to do when an issue occurs!

Don’t: use the massage gun over bony areas

A massage gun provides support by easing tension in your body. While some massage head attachments are soft, you should avoid using them on bony areas such as your collarbone and spine.

While you can use it on your joints, it is advisable to limit your use to prevent damaging blood vessels and sensitive nerves. Stick to using the massage gun over areas with larger muscle mass, such as your arms and legs.

Do: consult your physician before using a massage gun

Since a massage gun uses vibrations to provide comfort and promote blood circulation, knowing how to properly use the device is important to ensure you enjoy its best features.

Therefore, see a physician before using a massage gun, especially if you have injuries or chronic diseases such as arthritis, hypertension and other medical conditions.

Don’t: use a massage gun over injuries or sensitive areas

Avoid using a massage gun over areas with injuries, such as sprains or fractures. If you think that using it will bring relief, you are sorely mistaken!

When your body has wounds, you must leave the affected area alone as much as possible. Disturbing the damaged area by using recovery tools such as a massage gun will not provide relief. Instead, you can expect to feel pain and discomfort or may even worsen your condition.

Do: listen to your body

Observe how your body reacts when using products concerning your health. Continuous use of a massage gun when feeling pain instead of relief can damage your body. Remember that the device is not the only way to relax or eliminate stress.

If you feel pain or discomfort, stop and seek professional advice immediately.

Don’t: get it wet

Manufacturers will always state that their massage guns are waterproof, but make sure to double-check its features! 

A massage gun, such as all RENPHO Massage Guns, uses an internal battery that you need to charge now and then. Since the product runs on electricity, you must avoid exposing it to any liquid substance as they could damage its components and may also pose a safety risk to you and others.

Remember: Always practise safe usage of massage guns!

Hopefully, these dos and don’t help keep you satisfied with your massage gun! Remember that while recovery tools can promote relaxation and help with pain relief, safety should still be one of your top priorities when using such devices on your body.

The R3 Active Massage Gun will surely be a great device if you're looking to ease up and alleviate your body’s tension. Check out its great features here!